REACH Registration Services

Introduction to B-Lands one-stop REACH Registration Services

The REACH regulation requires that only registered substances may be manufactured or imported into the EU. Manufacturers and Importers of a given substance must submit a registration dossier to the European CHemical Agency (ECHA), along with the relevant fees based on company size.

REACH registration dossiers are submitted to the Agency in an electronic format (IUCLID 5) to facilitate automated bulk processing.

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Pre-registration or Late Pre-registration Service

• Pre-registration dossier preparation

  • Preparation of the pre-registration dossiers for the identified substances.
  • The pre-registration dossier is established in accordance with Article 28.
• Pre-registration submissions
  • Submission of the pre-registration information to the Agency, stating the first agreed deadlines for the registration of the identified substances
• Pre-registration certificates
  • Issuing of the corresponding pre-registration numbers and certificates
• Pre-registration process management
  • Devising of an REACH Registration plan for the substances of interest, ahead of the registration deadlines.

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The Inquiry Service

The Inquiry is the alternate starting point of the registration process when conditions for undertaking the substance late pre-registration step are no longer met. REACH does not provide any transitional measures via the Inquiry process. The registration process follows immediately upon successful dossier submission.

• Preparation of the Inquiry dossier

  • Preparation of the Inquiry dossiers for the identified substances.
  • The Inquiry dossier is established in accordance with Article 26.
• Inquiry submissions
  • Submission of the Inquiry information to the Agency, stating the deadlines fixed by ECHA for the registration of the identified substances.
• Transmission of the Inquiry numbers
  • Issued Inquiry numbers are transmittted to the client. No certificate delivered as a successful Inquiry only triggers the actual registration process.
• Inquiry process management
  • Rolling out of a REACH Registration plan to complete the process in the shortest delays.

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SIEF / Consortium Participation Service

• Susbstance identity verification

  • Conduct or document substance identity check.
  • Substance classification and labelling.
• Data gap analysis
  • Considerations on registration data (existing data, data gaps, new data to be developed).
  • Defining data to be shared, toxicology, ecotox data.
• Confidentiality measures & client legal issues
  • Measures to protect the confidentiality of business information and data.
  • Cost sharing implementation, letter of access (LoA).
  • Data ownership (legal).
  • Liability assessment (legal).
• SIEF exit strategy
  • Planning of post SIEF actions (Technical dossier, CSR/CSA geneneration).
• Planning of the client registration strategy
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of the different registration schemes (Joint registration process (OSOR, lesser costs), or independent registration process (greater confidentiality, higher costs)). The registration involves "substances", not "products".
• Considerations regarding the supply chain
  • Ensure adequate communication with the downstream users to assess their full commitment to contribute to the REACH compliance process for the given substance.
• Dispositions regarding the regulatory autorities
  • Proceed to the opening of a communication channel with the relevant competent national authorities.

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Registration Dossier Preparation & Submission Service

• Generation of the Technical Dossier (per substance basis) under IUCLID 5
• Generation of the Guidance on Safe Use
• Collection & analysis of Exposure Data (for CSA and CSR generation)
• CSA / CSR generation when required
• Generation of exposure scenari (classified substances only)
• Submission of the full registration dossier
• Administrative and techinical dossier follow up until notification of successful registration by authorities

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